The device is galvanically isolated ISO-4815

Прибор гальванической развязки ИЗО 4815

Galvanically  isolated device ISO-4815 is used to protect equipment (GPS trackers, different types of sensors, etc.). It works on onboard vehicle electrical system with voltage from 18 to 72 volts.
As a rule, electrically powered transport such as trams, trolleybuses, electric cranes has an unstable power supply that's why the use of galvanically isolated devices is so important . Also, this device can be used on transport with power supply problems.
The use of galvanically  isolated device ISO-4815 for the supply of devices with impulse consumption (GLONASS-GPS trackers, video recorders, smart phones powered by the onboard vehicle network and other electronic gadgets) eliminates the creation of high-frequency interference in the onboard network that improves the performance of radio frequency technologies powered by the vehicle electrical system (radio,recorders, etc..).


Technical characteristics of galvanically  isolated device ISO-4815

Name Value
Input voltage is normal, V 18 - 72
Limiting the input voltage, V 10 - 100
The output voltage, V 15 ±1
Output current, mA 40 - 400
Maximum output power, W 6
The pulsation of the output voltage, mV 50
Dielectric strength between input and output, V 1500
Housing dimensions The cylinder diameter of 25 mm and a height of 57 mm
Weight, gram 50
Ingress Protection IP65
Temperature range, ° C at a relative humidity less than 75% -40…+85
MTBF More than 10 years