Universal digital indicator of BLE and wired digital sensors GL-TV Tab

Universal BLE Indicator GL-TV Tab 1.3

The universal indicator GL-TV Tab is designed to display the current values of wireless autonomous sensors BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and wired digital sensors operating via the RS-485 interface.

Main areas of multifunctional use: 

  • Fuel level monitoring in transport tanks, tanks, tanks and fuel fleets. It can act as a replacement for the standard fuel level sensor;
  • Temperature control in refrigerators, refrigerators, other places and objects;
  • Monitoring of tire pressure in the car;
  • Control of any technological parameters (level, pressure, temperature, flow rate, load, volume velocity, concentration, humidity, illumination and other values).


The BLE indicator performs:

  • reading of any Bluetooth LE sensors with indication of any BLE packet values on the screen,
  • active or passive reading of digital wired sensors via RS-485 interface by Omnicomm LLS protocol,
  • simultaneous reading of the wireless BLE interface and wired RS-485,
  • making signatures of the displayed values and the name of their dimension (for example, you can sign for a digital value that this is the Temperature in degrees),
  • indication of most technological data directly, or with conversion according to the entered comparison table (coefficients, calibration table),
  • saving and loading calibration tables (comparison table),
  • summation of sensor values,
  • calculation of the arithmetic mean of the data received on different indicator screens.


The accuracy of the device is determined by the error of the sensors connected to it.


Main applications of GL-TV Tab:

  • Indicator of the fuel volume of vehicles. Accurate information on the remaining in the tank. It is used as a control of the volume of refueling. It is convenient to fix the remaining fuel during the shift work of drivers on transport. An indispensable device in the absence (or breakdown) of a standard fuel level indicator. High accuracy of fuel volume display is provided by high-precision capacitive fuel level sensors;
  • Fuel level monitoring in fuel tanks, fuel parks, mini gas stations as a fuel level indicator or fuel volume information board,
  • Refrigerator temperature indicator using wireless temperature sensors operating via the BLE interface. Obtaining accurate data from several temperature sensors, the installation or installation locations of which you determine yourself, and not the manufacturer of the refrigerator;,
  • Indication of technological data in production lines, as a display of technological parameters..


Schemes of using a universal indicator of wireless and wired sensors:

  • Indicator Sensor(s) (any wireless BLE sensors and wired digital sensors via RS-485 interface). The universal indicator shows on the screen the values of independently readable Bluetooth LE sensors and interrogated wired digital sensors. 
  • Indicator - Sensor(s) - A telemetry device (for example, a tracker of a transport monitoring system). As a rule, it is used in monitoring-control and management systems.


 Technical characteristics of the GL-TV Tab 1.3 indicator

Name of the technical specification Meaning
Indication 1.3 inch LED screen
Wireless sensor reading interface BLE 4.2 
BLE Sensor reading mode Advertising
Indicator setup interface WI-FI
Supply voltage, Volts 7 ... 36
Power consumption, Watts 0.3
Operating temperature range, C° at a relative humidity of not more than 75% -40…+70
Отображаемый объем, литры От 0 до 65000
Maximum number of connected sensors, pieces
Maximum number of tare points input
Wired network interface RS-485
The main protocol of work Omnicomm binary
The possibility of averaging sensor values when installing them in one container
Accuracy depending on the accuracy of the connected sensors
Overall dimensions of the case in millimeters 72х51х25
Indicator weight, grams
Guarantee 2 years
Operating time for failure (at least), years