Vehicle tracking solutions

Satellite system with Wialon Hosting generate reports

Working with a variety of software solutions in the field of satellite monitoring, we have chosen the most reliable and flexible service, which helps our customers to solve their problems.
Our choice is a software solution GURTAM. Now, we mainly use one of the most stable and constantly developing WialonHosting systems.
The complex is based on the manufacturer's server software which makes the system  more stable and allows developers constantly improve various decisions of the monitoring program.

 What can Wialon:

  • work successfully with a large number of trackers (satellite terminals, motor controllers, and other names);
  • show  the location of the vehicles in real time ;
  • create tracks movements in the intervening period (storage up to 400 days);
  • monitor transport fuel consumption (by the use of fuel level sensors and flow meters);
  • work with geofences, that can be used separately to control the transport of a specific geographic location;
  • send notifications in different situations, sending by means of e-mail and sms;
  • control the parameters of the special equipment defined by a client;



For more information:

 "GLONASS-TV" offers successful partnership in implementing a system of Wialon transport satellite monitoring .

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