Universal fuel level sensor GL-TV AFD

Датичк уровня топлива цниверсальный GL-TV AFD

The fuel level sensor is an additional equipment designed for continuous monitoring of fuel level in vehicles and in tanks. GL-TV AFD - sensor of capacitive type, which allows to measure fuel level in tanks and tanks of vehicles up to 3 meters deep. The fuel level sensor has a high resolution, less than 0.5 mm in level.

Versatility of the connection, both analog and digital inputs, good technical characteristics together with the original design solutions, prompted by the numerous experience of operation of various level sensors give the following possibilities:

  • easy connection to any GPS tracker;
  • resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses;
  • quick and accurate sensor adjustment and tank calibration;
  • visual diagnostics and adjustment of the sensor's operation with the help of graphs of fuel level and calibration.

 Constructive and functional capabilities of the sensor:

Fuel level monitoring in real time;

• Controlling the temperature of the fuel;

Thermal compensation of sensor operation;

5-pin mounting: increased reliability of mounting on the tank;

Auto fuel level delivery;

All-metal design: withstands extreme loads and is convenient in installation on thin-walled tanks;

Allows you to configure and configure the sensor without external power supply with the original GL-TVin device;

Support for any GPS trackers with analog (voltage or frequency) and digital interface RS-485;

• Massiveness and strength of the construction protects the sensor from mechanical influences during operation;

• Full galvanic isolation: provides reliable protection against surges in the car's on-board network, which guarantees long-term operation of the sensor;

• Strong elongation wires, with thickened insulation;

• Linear accurate fuel level measurements;


The name of the characteristics, or parameter


 Sensor type


 Type of liquid to be measured

Automobile, aviation gasoline, diesel fuel retaining their aggregate state in the operating temperature range

 Operating temperature range

-50 to 80 ºС

 Limiting temperature range

-55 to 85 ºС

 Relative humidity at a temperature of 25 ° C (without condensation of moisture)


 Atmosphere pressure

53.3 to 106.7 kPa

 Degree of protection:


 Guarantee period

2 years

 Minimum measurement period

1 sec.

 Filtering, averaging measurements

Moving average with adjustment period from 0 to 20 minutes

 Sensitivity of the sensor, the main permissible error of measurement in static mode

less than ± 0.5 mm. by level

 Limits of the basic error of the level measurement in the static mode

not more than ±1%

 The lengths of the sensitive part of the sensor from the series:

700, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 mm.

 Digital range of level values

standard - 1 ... 4095 (can be set in the required range to a value of 65535)

 Temperature measurement range

-55 to 85 ºС

 Digital interfaces GL-TV AFD


 Data transfer speed RS-485

standard - 19200 bps.

There is a choice of the transmission speed from the range: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps.

 Data Transfer Protocol

standard - Omnicomm LLS, it is possible to work with the Modbus protocol

 The output voltage range of the GL-TV AFD sensor, provided the sensor supply voltage is higher than the upper range value by 1 volt, if the upper range is set to more than 6 volts

100 – 10,000 mV

 Discreteness of the frequency signal of the voltage of the sensor GL-TV AFD

1 Hz

 The resolution of the analog signal of the GL-TV AFD sensor

10 mV

 Load Resistance of the GL-TV AFD Sensor

not less than 2000 Ohm

 Frequency-pulse modulation range of the GL-TV AFD sensor signal

1 to 3000 Hz

 Maximum currents for the analog-frequency output of the GL-TV AFD sensor:


output current 27 mA

input current 170 mA

 Supply voltage limit

from 7 to 50 volts

 Allowable pulse single voltage

up to ± 200 volts to 1 second.

 Power Consumption

not more than 0.5 W

 Built-in galvanic isolation



depending on the length of the measuring part of the sensor: 80 × 80 × (30 + length of the measuring part) mm

 Sensor weight

depending on the length of the measuring part of the sensor:

700мм – not more than 0.5 kg.

1000мм – not more than 0.7 kg.

1500мм – not more than 1.0 kg.

2000мм – not more than 1.3 kg.

2500мм – not more than 1.6 kg.

3000мм – not more than 1.9 kg.

 Dimensions of the sensor housing protruding above the fuel tank

diameter 80 mm, height 30 mm

 Mounting the sensor

self-sealing screws or screws M5, the number of fixing holes 5, the diameter of the opening in the fuel tank for the measuring part of the sensor is not less than 34 mm.

 Length of connecting cable

7 meters