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Ltd. "GLONASS-TV" works on  production of fuel level sensors,  transport control equipment, providing services for the installation and configuration of satellite monitoring of transport equipment, mobile facilities and software.


 Installation of GPS equipment

Our organization has considerable experience of working with different types of equipment used in  satellite monitoring system. We can install and diagnose the equipment.Also our company provides equipment maintenance. 

Navigation Equipment

We are ready to provide the best navigation equipment for various applications.


Our main products

Индикатор объёма топлива GL TV tab

The indicator displays the current value of remaining fuel in the tanks on the basis of digital data of fuel level sensors. Installed in the cab of a vehicle dashboard it shows the level of fuel in the first, second tank (supports up to five fuel level sensors) and displays overall level in the tanks that are connected together.
The indicator is used on all modes of transport and special equipment, it  can also be installed in stationary objects (petrol stations or fuel storage).
The  fuel level indicator provides high- precision measurement of fuel level in the tank.


 GL-TVtab indicator solves the problems of:

  • it can control the fuel level in the tank of the vehicle when the vehicle's fuel gauge can make an error of about 15% or it may be out of order;
  • it can control the volume of refuelling out of the cab by a driver;
  • it can control the volume of fuel in the car at the end of the shift or at the end of the driver's work to calculate the spent fuel;
  • it can control the volume of fuel in the tanks.

The technical capabilities of GL-TVtab:

  • It can be used in a complex system of GPS monitoring objects (mobile and fixed)  or independent work directly with the use of digital fuel level sensor;
  • Being connected to RS-485 interface it can work with any compatible digital fuel level sensor operating on Omnicomm protocol;
  • Its display shows the rest of the fuel in the tanks alternately with established sensors and  total volume of fuel in all tanks.

Specifications indicator GL-Tvtab:

Name Value
Power supply voltage, V 7– 50
Power consumption, W 0.3
Temperature range, ° C at a relative humidity less than 75% -15…+60
The displayed volume, liters От 0 до 65000
The maximum number of connected sensors, pcs
Network interface RS-485
The main work of the protocol Omnicomm binary
Accuracy to 1 liter, depending on the precision of connected fuel level sensors
Housing dimensions in millimeters 66х46х22
Weight board without cord, gram
Ingress Protection IP50
Warranty 2 years
MTBF (more) 
8 years



More than 500


12 Years

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